What we do

Not everyone needs a full-time company secretary. BGS provides tailored governance solutions for your business, from a self-administered diagnostic tool right through to the appointment of a company secretary and everything in-between.

Company Secretary

Do you want a safe pair of hands for your corporate governance? Someone who deeply understands your business and works seamlessly with your senior management team? We can appoint one of our consultants as your company secretary to take on responsibility for your governance matters. We’ll become part of your company DNA; a trusted adviser on all things governance related.

Engaging a BGS company secretary doesn’t need to be a full-time appointment. We work similarly to your directors who take on the legal responsibilities for your organisation but are not in the business on a day-to-day basis. We’ll find a consultant who is a perfect cultural fit for your business and they’ll bring all the benefits of the BGS collective wisdom, including new ideas for systems, processes and framework that will work for you.

Coaching and Guidance

BGS consultants provide assistance to your senior executives in the development of board packs and briefing papers that support informed decision making. And because BGS consultants have walked in your senior leaders’ shoes, we can provide guidance and a sounding board for your chairperson, directors and senior executives.

Governance Gap Analysis

This self-administered diagnostic tool will give you a quick assessment of how well your governance frameworks, systems, and processes are working.

Governance Audits

BGS will give your business a complete governance health check. We’ll review your systems and processes, and talk with your directors and senior managers. We’ll provide a comprehensive report that measures your current practices against best-practice standards. Together, we’ll identify your high priority and risk areas, as well as opportunities for improvement.

Action Plans

As part of the governance audit, we’ll develop a detailed implementation plan that will step you through how to bring your systems up to the best-practice standard and address any shortfalls.


Need someone to get into the nitty gritty of setting up your governance framework? BGS can take care of the implementation of the audit findings and action plan. We’ll make sure your systems are established to best-practice standard.

Light-touch frameworks

We’ll develop governance systems and processes that empower your business and enable agile innovation within parameters for effective oversight.

Professional Development

We’ll ensure your directors and senior executives are kept up to date with trends and developments in corporate governance. We can identify and coordinate professional development opportunities, and we have a number of proprietary training courses and masterclasses on aspects of corporate governance practice.

Meetings and Minutes

Your BGS consultant can take on all aspects of agenda-setting, collation and distribution of board packs, meeting logistics, minutes and action items. We aim to make your board meetings effective, efficient, and a good investment of your directors’ time.

Corporate Records and Reporting

Your BGS consultant can take on the maintenance of company registers and on-time regulator reporting. We can lead your annual report project each year.

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If you’d like to know more about good governance, and how your organisation can do it better, call our lead governance adviser Amanda Boland for a meet’ n’ greet: